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Azure for Non-profits

Azure for Non-profits

$5,000 (USD) donated credits per year to charities

Product Overview

Offset IT costs with integrated services

Access analytics, computing, networking, storage and more with Microsoft Azure services.

Azure plans and pricing
$5,000 (USD) donated credits per year

Leverage the complete portfolio of Azure cloud solutions and services for your database management, website hosting, data backup and more.

Accelerated innovation
Integrate end-to-end data intelligence to power deep organizational insights across on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Optimized operations
Move to the cloud at your own pace, extend your data center, and free up resources to directly contribute to your organization’s mission.

Focused app development
Build apps faster and easier. Free yourself from managing your infrastructure so you can focus on delivering higher-impact applications.

Industry-leading security
Count on Microsoft’s proven, industry-leading cloud security, privacy, compliance, transparency, and reliability.


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Over the last few years, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play and connect through great technology. We are inspired by the genuine belief that we can change the world for the better. Find out about some of the great initiatives we’re running in the UK to equip young people for the technology-driven world of tomorrow, help businesses expand their potential, and even solve the impossible with Microsoft Research Cambridge.

We’ve just scratched the surface of what technology can do for us. The best is yet to come.

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Don’t worry you’re in the right place!

While our name has changed what we do hasn’t. Our new name will bring together all the ways in which we help charities, making it easier for charities to find and access all the different services they need, from donated software to digital advice to recruitment.

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