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Product Overview

Product Overview
Create powerful dashboards in minutes. Share with your teams, or integrate in your platform.
Drive growth in your business today!

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Cumul.io is an analytics and data-visualization platform empowering business users to turn their data into actionable insights themselves…without writing a single line of code!

Spend time on the things that really matter. Cumul.io enables you to work smarter with your data
than ever before. Backed up by powerful dashboards, anyone can make solid business decisions:
● Motivate your teams with visual KPI monitoring
● Impress your partners and customers with dashboards in your own application

How to access:
Please sign up for a 10-day free trial to test the platform with a live demo. When you are ready to proceed, please select a suitable plan for your charity here: https://cumul.io/pricing with 50% discount.

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Supplier Details


Cumul.io is a simple platform for analytics and data visualization. It empowers business users to turn their data into actionable insights themselves…without writing a single line of code!

Key Services

  • Connect. Just drag & drop your files or connect with cloud services and databases. Link your datasets together and enrich them with thousands of curated public datasets.
  • Create. Transform your data to sophisticated & interactive dashboards in an instant with our user-friendly interface! Choose from over 40 visualization types including several geospatial visualizations. Adapt & optimize your dashboards for great results on every device.
  • Share. You can easily share your dashboards with the whole team, certain colleagues, clients, … or with the world by embedding it on your website or blog.

Build stunning dashboards full of insights in a matter of minutes!

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