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Google Groups

Google Groups

This product is free as part of Google for Nonprofits

Product Overview

Google Groups allows you to easily set up distribution lists and discussion groups for free using your Google account.

All of your discussions in one place

Organise with favourites and folders, choose to follow along via email and find unread posts quickly.

Express yourself

Use rich-text editing to customise your posts with fonts, colours and images.

People power discussions

Use photos, nicknames and automatic translations to share your thoughts with the world.

Create & respond to posts

You can start or join conversations in Google Groups by posting a new topic or responding to posts in your groups.

Start a new topic

Start a group discussion about a topic you’re interested in.

Create a group & choose group settings

You can use Google Groups to create an online group for your team, organization, class, or other group to do things like:

Email each other. Organize meetings. Find people with similar hobbies or interests

You can also change your group’s type, name, description, and choose who can join, post, and view topics.

Organize events with a group

You can organize events with your group by sharing a calendar, event invitation, or list of group members.

Share a Google Calendar with your group

You can share a calendar with your group or create a calendar that multiple people can edit. This can be useful if you want meetings or events to appear on a calendar for your group.

Find & join a group

You can join a Google Group to have discussions about a topic or communicate with your team, organization, class, or other group. Some groups grant immediate membership, but others need you to request membership first.

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