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CoopSys: Security and Business Continuity

CoopSys: Security and Business Continuity

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Product Overview


Secure systems and high availability are a must for all organisations and we have great experience in delivering excellence in this area.


Ensuring appropriate system security has never been more important with the need to access organisational information from any device competing against the need to ensure data security and protection from hacking and malware. IT security audit, assessment and remedial action where needed, are a sensible annual practice. Our IT audits, and ongoing service assess and manage:- Information security policies and compliance, including penetration testing where required, User access policies and practices, Network security, Device security, Software security, Change Management, Data processing policies, Data protection policies, Staff awareness and education. If you would like a review of your current set up or assistance in this area do get in touch.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The key to Business Continuity (BC) is disaster avoidance. Just as it is much easier with planning and thought to avoid a fire than put out a fire, it is better to avoid disasters, than actually having to deal with them. As such Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity should be considered together and reviewed annually. CoopSys takes a practical, pragmatic and cost-effective approach to BC & DR. Every pound spent in this area means one less available for deliverable services, so BC/DR spend needs to be appropriate to the risks involved. For a micro-organisation, a BC/DR plan may be essentially the use of a family laptop and a free Wi-Fi link at an Internet café. For large organisations, complete data-and server-replication to remote data centres in a different country is not unusual and often justified. We insist that all clients we work with – both large and small – do consider Business Continuity, Disaster Planning and Recovery annually, and we walk through the possible scenarios with them.

We have produced a FREE simple DR checklist of the key issues to get you started. Request one by emailing us at team@coopsys.net.

If you would like an independent review of your recovery plans or deployment of Disaster Recovery technologies, we are happy to give initial input and guidance at no cost.


Having a reliable and robust backup is one of the most crucial elements of the IT framework and an essential part of BC/DR planning, though often not given the consideration needed. With data storage usage increasing all the time, any loss is likely to have a major impact on your operations. We advise and provide a mix of backup solutions in order to meet you Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective and always recommend you have at least two types of backup out of the following:

Tape/removable media
Enterprise level disk (DAS/NAS)

Monitoring the backup system to ensure it is working correctly is all part of our service. As part of our on-site time, regular test restores are carried out to ensure you will be able to get your data back when needed. If you are unsure whether your current backup is giving you the right level of protection, get in touch and we will help you make a full assessment and analyse how this fits with your Business Continuity Planning.

If you have any questions on Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery or Backup Strategy do mail us:- team@coopsys.net

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Supplier Details


CoopSys first began providing IT services to Charities and NGOs in 1987. From the beginning the company was focused on being a specialist IT provider to the not-for-profit sector. Satisfied customers gave referrals and the company has grown steadily year on year.

Our mission and values are specifically geared to the culture of the sector we serve.

Our mission is to ensure we deliver high quality and good value IT services that in turn enable our clients to provide the maximum benefit they can to theirs.

Our key values are:

Customer Focus – We consider carefully the needs and goals of our customers and how we can effectively assist in meeting them in a timely and cost effective manner
Accountability – We account in detail for all the work that we undertake both onsite and offsite with this information being readily accessible on line, like being able to see the kitchen in a restaurant, its very reassuring
Progressiveness – We continually develop the range of services we offer as IT develops but are also very active in social responsibility in terms of our impact on the environment and our working practices for staff and with clients
Professionalism – We continuously improve and work on both our technical and ‘soft skills’ as a business and aim to deliver work to the highest professional standards
Integrity – We work as a trusted part of our clients’ teams, offering reliable and accurate advice and services

We underpin these values by maintaining independent professional measured accreditations, including Investors in People certification, Microsoft Gold Partner certification, Dell Enterprise Certified Partner and Exor accreditation.

Key benefits we offer:

Price – Competitively priced products and services to keep you within budget
Quality Assurance – Key accreditations held, individual team members certified and trained to the highest industry standards, ongoing development. Dell Certified Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and Investor in People accredited. It all adds up to a good assurance of quality and delivery
Experience – 20 years of experience – hundreds of successful projects delivered, over 100,000 service calls handled, but still at the forefront of new technologies such as cloud services
Location – Positioned well to get onsite easily if needed in UK and EU locations
Continuity – Very high client retention and staff retention
Flexibility – We do all that we can on specifications, pricing, scheduling, payment terms, to meet your needs
Links to key players – Strong relationships with Dell, Microsoft, software and telecom specialists and consultants to scale up to even your most challenging tasks
Fairness – Simple contracts without small print, quibbling and lock ins
Return on Investment (ROI) – A long term view with a focus on overall costs over equipment/projects lifespans, a focus on cost per user and tangible benefits yielded

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While our name has changed what we do hasn’t. Our new name will bring together all the ways in which we help charities, making it easier for charities to find and access all the different services they need, from donated software to digital advice to recruitment.

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