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About SmartSurvey

About SmartSurvey

Create customised surveys from scratch or use ready-made templates, then distribute to your own contact list or a consumer panel. Results are collected in real time so you can export data, share responses and learn from your respondents instantly.

With the SmartSurvey SaaS platform, users can capture, analyse and report virtually any type of data via a simple, yet stylish, online survey service. SmartSurvey is used by over 100,000 users, including businesses, educational institutes, charities and some of the world’s leading brands. Registered under the Data Protection Act, GDPR compliant and certified ISO27001, the company is widely recognised and trusted by government and public sector organisations.

SmartSurvey is used worldwide by private businesses, government departments, students, and charities to create, collect and analyse data every day.

What makes SmartSurvey right for you?

We will help you collect the information you need quickly and easily. Trust us to safeguard your data and provide the support you need, when you need it.

Donor/Volunteer Experience

Get real-time feedback from the people your organisation relies on.

Client Surveys

Find out how well your organisation is serving the needs of your clients.

Employee Surveys

Increase employee productivity, engagement and retention.


Surveys, questionnaires, online forms, consultations, quizzes, you name it, we have it.

Nothing to install

No complicated installations or downloads, just sign up and create surveys through your browser.

Easy to use

Intuitive user-led design, with easy to follow step-by-step guides.


GDPR Compliant. Data encrypted during transit and at rest. ISO27001 and Cyber Security Essentials Plus certified.

Your data in one place

Connect your data with APIs, Zapier, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more.


Help when you need it, through email, live chat and telephone.

Not-for-profit Discount

Great discounts for great causes. Sign up for a free SmartSurvey account or apply for one of our discounted not-for-profit plans.

Survey software for charities and not-for-profit

Online surveys are a very cost-effective method of gathering the important market research and feedback you need to make your not-for-profit organisation or cause a success. Whether you need to measure interest in a potential fundraising idea, collect the opinions of funders on a new venture or better understand the motivations of your volunteers, our online survey software can help. Most importantly, we understand the financial constraints of not-for-profit organisations and charities, so offer great discounts without compromise on the quality of service.

How do I check if I qualify for a not-for-profit discount?

If you run or work for a nonprofit (whether it’s a charitable, educational, community or conservational organisation), we have a selection of powerful and multi-feature accounts that will provide you with all the tools you need to create, distribute and analyse your surveys.

  1. Choose the SmartSurvey account you need – Professional, Business or Enterprise.
  2. Complete our not-for-profit discount application form
  3. We’ll assess your needs and can offer up to a 40% discount!


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While our name has changed what we do hasn’t. Our new name will bring together all the ways in which we help charities, making it easier for charities to find and access all the different services they need, from donated software to digital advice to recruitment.

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